Investing in a new roof

Should you get a new roof?

A roof is a centerpiece of your home. Installing a roof is a long-term commitment where you invest in premium materials and innovative techniques to make sure your roof will withhold the many years to come.

In some cases, your roof will have lived for a certain period of time before your era of living in a certain house started.

No matter the case, you should always be on the lookout for signs that signal you should get a new roof.

Further down a roofing company from Oklahoma city OK ,  listed a couple of tips on how to recognize the need for installing a new roof.

What to look out for?

Although it may seem you will notice any changes on your roof since you can’t miss it on your way from the front door to the car, the truth is a bit different. During your daily commute, you focus on your main tasks, filling the blanks with relaxing activities. For example, on your walk to the car, you will most likely search for the keys, or finish your email, or check your kids’ backpack. You most certainly won’t stop and check the cracks on your roof.

It is recommended to inspect your roof twice a year. During those times you will check your gutter, the current state of your shingles, the insulation, ventilation and so on. But there is no way of guaranteeing that no changes will occur in the meantime.

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To extend your roofs longevity, small inspections should be done to assure maximum efficiency. To keep it simple, divide your check-ups to the interior and exterior activities.

When inspecting the interior, look for places where the roof might be sagging. Check the door frames and corners of rooms to recognize any possible signs of water damage or leaking. They usually manifest in dark spots or trails. Another tell-tale sign you need to replace your roof is outside light shining through the roof itself.

During the examination of the exterior surfaces, try to locate any damaged flashing, missing shingles or algae growth.

Also, look for excessive amounts of shingle granules. They may indicate advanced damage and should be taken care of immediately.

Choice Roofing | Residential Roofing Company Reviews | Top Residential Roofing Contractor | Best Residential Roofing Contractors in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Jones, Choctaw, Harrah, Del City, Midwest City, Moore, Norman, Newcastle, Tuttle, Mustang, Yukon, Piedmont, El Reno, Blanchard, Bethany, and Hall Park


Deciding on a new roof

In case the damage done to your roof is to grave to be fixed, you will probably decide on installing a new roof.

Although it is suggested that you consult with experts before making any rash decisions, there are some things you can do on your own. For example, consider the climate you live in before deciding on the material you want to be used. Educate yourself on the matter so that you don’t feel left out. By learning about all of the options available on the market, you will escape any possible misunderstanding and of course, save money.

Make sure you get separate opinions on whether the damage done to your is irreparable. It is recommended to get opinions from three different contractors to determine the best possible solution.

It is a tiresome task, but to prevent any possible misfortune, check your roof before it collapses on your head.

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Prepare for Snow and Ice on your Roof

How to prevent roof and gutter damage from ice and snow

There are several ways that ice and snow can damage your roof and gutter. The first is via ice buildup. It prevents melted snow from flowing down the sprouts for proper drainage. The ice and snow stack up, causing the runoff to flow over the gutters, creating long icicles. The second is via ice dams. When snow builds up on the roof, it begins to melt. The runoff enters the gutters and re-freezes. The ice dam takes too long to melt, and the moisture begins to seep beneath the shingles, tar paper, plywood, eventually damaging your roof, soffit, and fascia. How do you keep gutter and roof damage at bay?
1. Ensure that the gutters are securely screwed into the fascia board
This step is extremely necessary if your gutters are over 15 years old. Such gutters were installed using a technique called ‘spike and ferrule’. It stops working a few years down the line. If there is any space between the gutters and fascia, the gutters will begin to deteriorate considerably. The gutters are unable to handle the excess weight, brought about by ice and snow, leading to their damage.

2. Ensure that the gutters are clean
You need to clean your gutters, especially if you do not have a gutter cover system, or if the one that you have is not functional. If you do not clean your gutters, wet leaves can easily clog them. When they start to freeze and then snow and ice are mixed in, your gutters will get damaged.

3. Ensure that the shingles are firmly fastened to the roof
If you have an old roof, the nails or tar that seals the shingles together is likely to be worn out. One way to tell that the shingles have loosened is when the wind causes them to flap. If water gets beneath the shingles and solidifies, it will keep expanding and contracting. This increases the space between the roof, damaging the shingle.

4.Install heating cables at the roof’s bottom
This is applicable if you live in a very cold area. The cables will melt excess snow or ice. They can also keep ice from your roof’s seams and edges. Water cannot damage the roof or enter your home.
What do you do if snow and ice have already accumulated on your roof?

5. Use a roof rake
A roof rake will come in handy to pull excess snow from the roof.

6. Look out for signs of a roof collapse
The last thing that you need to deal with during winter is a roof collapse which wil lead to expense repairs and replacement. Some of the signs of a roof collapse include: having a hard time trying to open doors and windows, creaking and popping sounds. The frames may have been altered due to the extra weight of snow and ice, causing an additional flex.

7. Do not let snow build up
After a storm, it is best to inspect your roof for the accumulation of snow and ice. Do not wait for it to reach unmanageable levels.


Few months ago a client contacted us asking to check out his roof, it was a simple roofing inspection. Something that we do on regular and highly professional basis. After arriving on client’s property and doing a thorough inspection we have noticed a huge leak on the client’s roof, something that required a complete roof replacement. We were surprised as well since from the ground it you can barely see any real damage or imperfections on the roof. Only after climbing the roof we have noticed the full extent of the damage.

Our client did a shingle over few years ago, what that basically means is a new layer of shingles is put directly onto the existing one. When you decide to do something like that you have to understand all the risks it can bring. It is harder to spot leaks and damages on the roof, and you are basically covering an old, worn out layer of shingles with a new one. So, after inspection we realized that weren’t fitted to do everything on our own. We at Home Roofing OK aren’t afraid admitting there are projects we can’t do, so we struck a partnership with a roofing company in Oklahoma City, to assist us with logistics and materials for this project. They have provided metal roofing material for our project, since they produce it themselves. Metal roofing system will last your entire lifetime, so it’s a great option (especially for businesses). The gutters on your home provide protection against structural damage, because they divert water away from your home’s walls and foundation. We are thankful to Top View Roofing for their professional approach to the project, no wonder since they have more than 20 years of experience in construction industry providing all sorts of services to their customers.

Oklahoma city


Oklahoma City is the largest city and a capital city of the Oklahoma state. The population of this city is about 1,358,452, which is making Oklahoma the largest metropolitan area in this county. Oklahoma City is surrounded by the Canadian, Pottawatomie and Cleveland counties, although much of those areas are suburban or rural. The city is the eighth-largest city in the US. Oklahoma City has a humid subtropical climate, and often fight against many tornadoes and hailstorms. This town offers many colleges and it is making Oklahoma a student’s city. The most famous colleges are the Oklahoma City University, the University of Central Oklahoma and the Oklahoma City Community College. Oklahoma City has several public technology and career education schools that are associated with the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, which include the Francis Tuttle Technology Center and the Metro Technology Center.


This town is rich with oil, natural gas, and petroleum products which is making Oklahoma City very popular due to its economy status. The city is located in the center of an oil derricks and oil fields. Oklahoma City is located in the I-35 Corridor and is one of the primary paths for travelers who are heading to Mexico and Texas. This city was founded in 1889, and one of the most deadly terror attacks were made here, in 1995. In this attack died 168 people due to terrorism.


Oklahoma City is rich with many museums and theaters. Oklahoma City Museum of Art attracts many visitors during the year due to its many exhibits, teacher shows, and movie festivals. Civic Center Music Hall is and opera house that offers many ballets, operas, musicals and many concerts during the year, as well. Other famous theaters are the Poet Theatre, Jewel Box Theatre, Lyric Theatre and Kirkpatrick Auditorium.

Other famous museums that you must visit are The Science Museum Oklahoma which can offer you many features about science, aviation, and other. The Museum of Osteology has over 300 real animal skeletons from all over the world. Exhibits also include locomotion, adaptation, diversity and classification of the kingdom of the vertebrates. The Oklahoma History Center is the history museum and is located across the street from the governor’s mansion. The museum is open since the 2005. It maintains the whole history of the Oklahoma City for many centuries.


Oklahoma City has over 50 great and legendary attractions including the Western Museum, National Cowboy, and the Myriad Botanical Gardens. This city can offer you a world-class shopping, many great restaurants, and hotels. This city is the ideal spot for a fun and creative weekend. You should visit the Old West, that is located in the Stockyards City or entertain yourself in Remington Park with the horse races, and then have a beautiful dinner in the historic Bricktown. You will adore the Frontier City Theme Park where visitors can see the show with the gun fights. Oklahoma City National Memorial and the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism can offer you the great part of history of the Oklahoma City.