Few months ago a client contacted us asking to check out his roof, it was a simple roofing inspection. Something that we do on regular and highly professional basis. After arriving on client’s property and doing a thorough inspection we have noticed a huge leak on the client’s roof, something that required a complete roof replacement. We were surprised as well since from the ground it you can barely see any real damage or imperfections on the roof. Only after climbing the roof we have noticed the full extent of the damage.

Our client did a shingle over few years ago, what that basically means is a new layer of shingles is put directly onto the existing one. When you decide to do something like that you have to understand all the risks it can bring. It is harder to spot leaks and damages on the roof, and you are basically covering an old, worn out layer of shingles with a new one. So, after inspection we realized that weren’t fitted to do everything on our own. We at Home Roofing OK aren’t afraid admitting there are projects we can’t do, so we struck a partnership with a roofing company in Oklahoma City, to assist us with logistics and materials for this project. They have provided metal roofing material for our project, since they produce it themselves. Metal roofing system will last your entire lifetime, so it’s a great option (especially for businesses). The gutters on your home provide protection against structural damage, because they divert water away from your home’s walls and foundation. We are thankful to Top View Roofing for their professional approach to the project, no wonder since they have more than 20 years of experience in construction industry providing all sorts of services to their customers.

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